6.00 Castle
A woman’s body is found frozen and tangled in steel bars at a construction site, and the investigation leads Castle and Beckett into a years-old mystery; Beckett uncovers some of her mysterious past, giving Castle insight into his muse.

7.00 Elementary
Sherlock suspects his father has an ulterior motive for offering to promote his and Joan’s reinstatement as consultants for the NYPD; Watson secures a position within the FBI investigating a triple homicide at a classified research lab.

8.00 Elementary
After an investigation takes a disastrous turn, Sherlock is ordered to testify in an official police inquiry that may jeopardize his future with the NYPD.

9.00 Major Crimes
Captain Raydor risks her career and the life of Detective Sykes when a shooting occurs in the middle of notorious gang territory; Rusty comes to terms with the fact that he does not wish to meet his biological mother and he lets others know it.

10.00 Friends
Janice questions the group as to whether any of them have ever slept together in the past, leading the collective of companions to reflect upon a period of time three years into the past that saw several moments of intimacy take place.

10.30 Friends
Monica attempts to purchase a brand-new bed through the soon-to-be-ex-husband of Janice, but the entirely wrong product is delivered to her apartment door; Rachel hopes for the best when Ross and her father attempt to spend some time together.