6.00 Judge Judy
A woman sues for the cost of plastic surgery to repair the damage from when a woman’s German Shepherd attacked and bit her arm; a woman accuses her former friend of stealing her mini-van and a valuable coin collection.

6.30 Judge Judy
A mother and son are arguing over her alleged settlement of over $200,000 and his $1,000 in medical bills; a man accuses his ex-lover of growing marijuana and she says he won’t return her motorcycle jacket, helmet and riding chaps.

7.00 Castle
A dying man leaves a baby boy in the care of a priest who hands it over to Castle and Beckett, but they soon learn that the baby and the man were not relatives, and that this is both a missing person’s case as well as a murder case.

8.00 Bones
While attending the wake of a coworker, Brennan insists their death was no accident, and she needs Booth’s help to steal the corpse so that she can take another look; Cam tries to get her newly adopted teenage daughter to stop smoking.

9.00 Rizzoli & Isles
When a strong-willed police detective and a brilliant medical examiner join forces to solve the murder of a wealthy couple, they suspect that the crime may be related to a notorious serial killer, but the man was behind bars at the time of the crime.

10.00 The Mad Monsters
A crazy scientist discovers a formula that will turn him into a dangerous wolf monster and plots to murder the man who caused his professional failure, but his daughter finds out about his plan and seeks help from a local reporter.