6.00 NBA Basketball
Chicago Bulls at Orlando Magic from Amway Center. Golden State dominated Phoenix in the their last matchup, 115-86, on Dec. 27, to pull even in the season series after the Suns beat the Warriors, 106-102, earlier in the season on Dec. 15; Phoenix has not lost back-to-back home games since Nov. 20.

8.30 The X-Files
When a man is discovered to have the ability to heal any ailment with a strange power within him, agents Scully and Mulder are sent to investigate before proof of alien existence is exposed; Mulder discovers the only weapon that can kill the aliens.

9.30 The X-Files
Jeremiah and Mulder continue their attempt to elude the alien bounty hunter and end up at a farm that’s run by identical pairs of children, with each young girl being a clone of Mulder’s sister at that age; the Syndicate suspects a traitor.

10.30 Judge Judy
A singer claims that he was supposed to be paid for his performance at a charity event, and that he never agreed to do the job for free; a handyman is sued for poor workmanship, but he blames the mother and father of his client.