6.00 Castle
Castle finds out that the reclusive author who inspired him to write is dead, and he jumps on the case to find out how who killed his hero, but he and Beckett soon discover that the answer may be “stranger than fiction.”

7.00 Elementary
A bombing investigation leads to heavy tensions as Holmes and Watson are forced to partner with Sherlock’s former colleague from Scotland Yard.

8.00 Elementary
Holmes and Watson are asked to consult after a man, once suspected of his wife’s murder, suddenly receives a ransom demand in exchange for her safe return; Lestrade begins to overstay his welcome and appears unwilling to leave.

9.00 Major Crimes
A man is flown into Los Angeles to testify as a material witness in a murder case, but he is suddenly labeled as the key suspect in a completely different murder; Flynn begins to feel the pressure of his home and work life; Rusty brings a girl.

10.00 Friends
Chandler experiences some issues with his too-tight tie during the rehearsal dinner for his wedding to Monica; Joey finds that a fellow actor of great repute has a major problem with spitting all over the set they are working on.

10.30 Friends
Ross is forced to set out upon a desperate search for Chandler after the groom-to-be suddenly turns up missing on his big day; the girls all express their shock when a positive pregnancy test turns out to be one for Rachel.