6.00 Judge Judy
Landlords allege their previous tenants owe them for rent and damaged property, while having been evicted eight times before moving in; a former roommate claims he has already paid for damages after he totaled his friend’s car.

6.30 Judge Judy
A woman presses charges against a man when she is denied the proper pick of the litter while breeding their French bulldogs; an employer sues his former employee when he uses the company credit card to bail himself out of jail.

7.00 The Mentalist
Patrick Jane is forced to act quickly in order to defuse a life-threatening situation after an armed man accused of murder takes him and several others hostage in an effort to clear his name of the crimes that he has been charged with.

8.00 The Mentalist
Van Pelt’s actions in her handling of a witness are put into question by the Professional Standards Unit after the witness that she was specifically assigned to protect ends up getting murdered, jeopardizing her position with CBI.

9.00 The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Oz talks about Ketosis, an increasingly popular lifestyle trend that burns fat for fuel, as doctors claim the diet can combat diabetes and cancer; a look at how viewers can improve the teatoxing diet trend without breaking the budget.

10.00 Dish Nation
Radio teams from around the United States allow cameras to film their daily broadcasts in an effort to capture all of the latest headlines and pop culture developments, as well as outrageous phone calls and candid interviews.

10.30 Right This Minute
The interactive news program presents viewers with a series of diverse video clips from eyewitnesses all around the world, as the featured footage reveals the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.