6.00 Castle
Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a man found inside a pizza oven, and the clues lead them to an article that may have been the motive behind the crime, but other clues suggest a deeper motive may have been at work.

7.00 Elementary
Sherlock is approached by a wealthy philanthropist who believes that his incurable illness was given to him on purpose, and wants Holmes to investigate; Sherlock tries to teach Joan his skills of deduction by sending her to a suspicious place.

8.00 Elementary
Joan tackles her first solo case: the disappearance of a woman who left her husband an emotional break-up video that revealed a murder on a subway platform, leaving Sherlock to become intrigued by the subway murder and decides to investigate.

9.00 Leverage
The members of the leverage team are recruited by Colonel Vance in order to quickly find a way to stop a highly dangerous and elusive terrorist before he manages to unleash a deadly biological attack on the nation’s capital.

10.00 Friends
Rachel finds herself on Phoebe’s bad side after opting to order an apothecary table from a company her friend considers to be evil mass-producers; Joey and Janine end up ending their short-lived relationship after a boring double-date.

10.30 Friends
Chandler and Ross get into a series of heated arguments when both of them believe that they came up with a joke that was published in Playboy magazine; Joey is forced to seek employment at Central Perk; Phoebe makes an off-hand comment.