6.00 Judge Judy
A young boy steals car keys and goes for a joy ride that results in a crash that flips the SUV he was driving and hits three more cars; a woman says her motorcycle was repossessed illegally, the woman who sold it denies the claims.

6.30 Judge Judy
A woman alleges that, after spending thousands of dollars on a home she didn’t own, she was evicted by her landlord; a man says that his ex-best friend kept the refund money, that didn’t belong to him, after bailing him out of jail.

7.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Stabler’s old partner calls him and Benson to a crime scene where young sisters died in a fire, and despite initial skepticism, Benson and Stabler find doubts about the girls’ father that lead to some intense interrogation.

8.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A pregnant woman is raped, but by the time Benson and Stabler reach the hospital, she has fled, and they have to find her in order to make the case against a potential suspect, leading to an undercover mission to expose the truth.

9.00 The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Oz shares three methods of harnessing inner power; a test is shared which will find the causes of lethargy, mood swings, or inability to lose weight; celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis shows off holiday cooking secrets and creative recipes.

10.00 Dish Nation
Radio teams from around the United States allow cameras to film their daily broadcasts in an effort to capture all of the latest headlines and pop culture developments, as well as outrageous phone calls and candid interviews.

10.30 Right This Minute
The interactive news program presents viewers with a series of diverse video clips from eyewitnesses all around the world, as the featured footage reveals the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.