6.00 Judge Judy
A man is sued for the harassment of a woman he met online, but he claims to have fallen in love at first sight and showered her in gifts; a man claims that a white car rammed him into the other cars, who have accused him sideswiping their vehicles.

6.30 Judge Judy
A woman accuses her former friend of repossessing her car illegally, but when her odd behavior is questioned, she agrees to take a drug test; a teen brings her former stepfather to court, claiming that he stole money from her trust fund.

7.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
After an attractive veterinarian is murdered on a racehorse farm, Detectives Goren and Eames discover a stable worker’s elaborate scheme to smuggle heroin into and out of the country while traveling around the world for thoroughbred competitions.

8.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Detectives Goren and Eames attempt to find a connection between the terminally ill boss of a crime family, the murder of a government witness under police protection and the brutal stabbing of a female undercover police officer.

9.00 The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Oz talks to actor Hugh Jackman about an ailment that took him by surprise; the story is shared of a woman’s self-discovery journey, which led her to write her book “The Wild Oats Project”; Dr. Oz takes a look at non-dairy milk products.

10.00 Dish Nation
Radio teams from around the United States allow cameras to film their daily broadcasts in an effort to capture all of the latest headlines and pop culture developments, as well as outrageous phone calls and candid interviews.

10.30 The Office
While trying to close on his new condo, Michael suffers a panic attack; Pam and Jim organize “Office Olympics” while Michael and Dwight are away, organizing a series of outrageous activities and games for their co-workers to participate in.