4.00 Godzilla
A renowned American biologist with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and a French secret agent combine forces to stop a giant irradiated iguana that seems intent on destroying everyone and everything in New York City.

7.00 Leverage
The convincing InterPOL agent manages to talk the team into a risky mission in which they will have to attempt to steal a nuclear reactor calibration weight from a fortified building that is altering its security procedures for a chess tournament.

8.00 Castle
A world-famous mystery novelist finds out that a copycat killer has staged murders from his novels, and steps in to help with the case and other bizarre homicides in New York City with the help of a feisty and attractive detective.

9.00 Major Crimes
There is a large suspect pool that follows the investigation of a divorce attorney with many unhappy past clients; Lt. Tao is sent to investigate college-aged prostitutes; Buzz figures out the identity of one of his suspects.

10.00 How I Met Your Mother
When Marshall witnesses his boss’s soft approach in settling business with a million dollar company, he decides to take matters into his own hands; Ted takes his architecture class on a field trip where things don’t go as planned.

10.30 How I Met Your Mother
When Ted goes on a date without researching the girl on the Internet, the gang interferes, showing Kevin that they are too involved in each other’s business; Lily and Marshall come to terms with finding out the sex of their baby.