6.00 Judge Judy
Judge Judy presides over a no-nonsense courtroom where she provides private arbitration and unearths the facts by questioning both sides involved in disputes that range from jilted lovers seeking revenge to frustrated parties looking for justice.

6.30 Judge Judy
The birthday party of a nine-year-old child culminates in an alleged assault, an intense feud between mothers, and accusations of bullying.

7.00 NBA Basketball
Golden State Warriors at Chicago Bulls from United Center. Golden State dominated Phoenix in the their last matchup, 115-86, on Dec. 27, to pull even in the season series after the Suns beat the Warriors, 106-102, earlier in the season on Dec. 15; Phoenix has not lost back-to-back home games since Nov. 20.

9.30 Dateline
When the body of a college student is found in a ditch on the side of the road, investigators believe that the victim’s boyfriend is a suspect, but when a string of similar attacks are discovered, police realize they are looking for a serial killer.

10.30 Dateline
When a physical therapist suddenly disappears following a mysterious boating accident involving her husband, the husband’s new love interest unexpectedly leads investigators to the truth surrounding the case of the missing wife.