6.00 Judge Judy
When a Pit Bull is beaten with a stick after it attacks another dog, the Pit Bull’s owner says that he was to afraid to step in and stop the attack; a woman is accused of ruining her daughters credit by using it to open a cable account in her name.

6.30 Judge Judy
Teenage drivers hit each other and their parents argue over damages, while fighting over the New Hampshire state motto; after a woman stays with a couple for six weeks, the couple says she gave them a motorcycle to show her appreciation.

7.00 Castle
Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of Sid Ross, the creator of a beloved comedy show, but as the two pick through the victim’s life and the world of “Saturday Night Tonight,” they discover a surprising secret that may have led to his demise.

8.00 Bones
A woman’s mysterious death surfaces at the time of the wedding rehearsal, and Cam and Angela try everything they can to keep the specifics away from Brennan so she will remain focused on her big day; Max shows up with a duffel full of cash.

9.00 Major Crimes
When an alleged rapist is found brutally murdered, the squad is put in the awkward, and highly emotional, position of having to question possible suspects; Rusty catches his mother lying to him, which causes him to question her motives.

10.00 Beast from Haunted Cave
A conniving criminal takes along his fussy girlfriend and a pair of henchmen when he plans to clean out a deposit of gold bars in South Dakota, but inclement weather forces them to seek shelter in a terrifying and creature-inhabited cave.