6.00 Leverage
A former investment manager is hospitalized after being convicted of cheating unsuspecting clients out of their savings, which gives the team a prime opportunity to get close to him in order to force him to reveal the whereabouts of the stolen funds.

7.00 Castle
While Beckett and Castle come to terms with Beckett’s new career as a captain, as well as with her recent bid for the State Senate, a mysterious call from a stranger sets off a series of unexpected events that they perceive in different ways.

8.00 Bones
Skeletal remains are found in a nationally protected wooded preserve, leading Brennan to identify the bones as a missing Marine who worked for wealthy families; her estranged father proves helpful to the case, but Brennan has her doubts.

9.00 Major Crimes
There is a large suspect pool that follows the investigation of a divorce attorney with many unhappy past clients; Lt. Tao is sent to investigate college-aged prostitutes; Buzz figures out the identity of one of his suspects.

10.00 How I Met Your Mother
Marshall gets into a surprising and awkward situation when one of his brasher co-workers plants a kiss on his lips, but Lilly refuses to believe his story and he is forced to try and convince her; Robin is the inspiration for a new drinking game.

10.30 How I Met Your Mother
Barney attempts to follow through with what he hopes to be the greatest week in the history of bachelorhood by striving to hook-up with seven women in seven days, with no rejections; friends cheer Barney on, who soon feels a change of heart.