6.00 Judge Judy
A man claims that he sold a car to a family friend that never registered the vehicle, an subsequently was pulled over 26 times, so he sues for damages; a man sues for the return of his property after being served a restraining order by a woman.

6.30 Judge Judy
A woman accuses a nurse of straddling her sick mother in order to draw blood from her neck, and the nurse countersues the woman for slander; a man sues his one time foster child for damages to a car, but he is accuses of missing a court appearance.

7.00 Castle
Castle’s proposal to Beckett throws her into a major dilemma of trying to decide between him or a high-profile job offer in Washington, D.C., but a high-stakes investigation provides a backdrop for the consequences of their decisions.

8.00 Bones
A street artist falls directly into his own glue, and into human remains; the team must find the identity of the remains as well as find a strategic way to remove the part of the corpse still glued to the artist; Booth attempts open mic night.

9.00 Major Crimes
After learning the identity of the bomber her division has been looking for, Sharon Raydor and the Major Crimes team find themselves in a complicated situation where they have a difficult time figuring out the terrorist’s next target.

10.00 Cat-Women of the Moon
During a scientific expedition of the moon, five astronauts come across a cave and a buried city that is home to the last members of a two million-year-old civilization whom, despite their hospitality, may have an ulterior motive.