6.00 Judge Judy
A woman sues a contractor for doing an unsatisfactory job painting, which she claims left her with mental anguish; a 12-year-old dispute between neighbors gets worse after a woman refuses to spend money on repairing a shared fence’s foundation.

6.30 Judge Judy
A woman convinces her imprisoned boyfriend to put a cable bill in his name, but he changes his mind once he is released from his incarceration; the one-time business partners of a singer are sued for defamation of character and breach of contract.

7.00 NHL Hockey
Edmonton Oilers at Chicago Blackhawks from United Center. Edmonton ended a five-game road losing streak to Chicago with a 3-1 win in the last meeting at the United Center on Feb. 18 behind a goal from Connor McDavid; Patrick Kane has 46 points, 13 goals and 33 assists, in 34 meetings against Edmonton.

10.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Detectives Goren and Eames search for answers when a plastic surgeon’s wife mysteriously disappears, and they discover that the couple’s marriage is riddled with infidelity and that the doctor has problems controlling his anger.