6.00 Judge Judy
A woman sues her former friends for damages to her belongings, money for gas, and the cost of moving, while they countersue for lost wages, storage and harrassment; a woman brings her daughter to court to get her to pay for babysitting fees.

6.30 Judge Judy
A woman claims that a dog breed sold her a Cavalier King Charles that has a neurologic disease, but the breeder says that the dog has no health problems.

7.00 Castle
Castle and Beckett are pulled deep into the world of fandom when a body is discovered at a sci-fi convention full of egotistic celebrities, diehard fans in full costume and more than enough drama for two galaxies.

8.00 Bones
Unidentifiable and gruesome remains are found lodged in the automatic pinsetter of a bowling lane, and without a clear lead in the case, Bones and Booth are forced to go undercover on the competitive team with hopes of uncovering clues.

9.00 Major Crimes
The team finds itself immersed in the seedy side of the tech world when a prominent entrepreneur with untoward morals and crime connections is found murdered; Rusty feels like an outsider when Raydor’s son comes to visit.

10.00 Revolt of the Zombies
An expedition to defeat a zombie master living in the jungles of Cambodia is sabotaged by one of its members, who wants the power to raise and control the dead himself, but the zombies have their own ideas.