6.00 Leverage
Parker winds up being trapped after she agrees to help her mentor work on a theft, but when her colleagues on the Leverage team try to uncover her whereabouts, they face obstacles that could prevent them from finding her in time.

7.00 Castle
After Hayley does an old friend a favor, she finds herself in the middle of a cyber-terror attack and implicated in a murder; Beckett and Castle must do everything in their power to clear Hayley’s name and stop the attack.

8.00 Bones
Brennan and Booth believe secret operatives are to blame when they investigate the murder of a man over a suitcase’s contents; Brennan’s book leads to financial success; an intern loses his scholarship, and the team seeks a way to keep him.

9.00 Major Crimes
The owner of a used-car dealership is killed by a bomb explosion that occurs on his lot; after his life is threatened, Rusty is forced to wear a bullet-proof vest while searching for the person behind the vicious threat.

10.00 How I Met Your Mother
Ted makes a poor decision when he finds three potential prospects to be his date for the wedding weekend; Barney and Robin get into an argument with their minister; Marshall learns more about his travel companion Daphne.

10.30 How I Met Your Mother
After Daphne sends Lily a text message that could complicate her life; Marshall enlists the help of Ted, Robin and Barney to get rid of the message from Lily’s phone, as they all owe Marshall from when he rescued them from embarrassing situations.